5 Hidden Costs of In-House Cleaning Services

5 Hidden Costs of In-House Cleaning Services_Image One JanitorialWith budget cuts on everyone’s minds, some small companies are considering canceling their commercial cleaning company and going with in-house cleaning services. After all, it seems simple enough to ask people to pitch in to clean up their own messes. But what most businesses don’t realize is that there are many hidden costs over and above the cost of the employee.

Here are the top 5 hidden costs of in-house cleaning services that you should watch out for:

1)    Training for internal office cleaning staff

Although it might be tempting to just instruct an employee to dust the surfaces, mop the floors, vacuum the carpets and sanitize the bathrooms, it is not that simple. The staff that will be doing the cleaning will of course need to be trained properly in procedures as well as educated on possible hazards.

2)    Chemicals, supplies and equipment

In-house cleaning services will also need chemicals, supplies and equipment to complete the cleaning process. Equipment such as vacuums and buffers will need to be properly maintained. You will also need someone to monitor supplies such as toilet tissue and paper towels to be sure you don’t run out. Chemicals must be properly stored and monitored as well. And, all of these items will need to be secured so that they don’t “disappear.”

3)    Insurance and employee-related costs

Another hidden cost is the possible increase in worker’s compensation rates when an employee takes on a different job classification. Heavy lifting is sometimes required in the course of cleaning and could result in employee injury.

4)    Supervision

In-house cleaning services will require supervision of the employees which will take time away from their primary responsibilities.

5)    Company Morale

Probably the biggest cost of having your employees do the in-house cleaning services is the drop in morale. Asking people who were hired to do certain jobs to “pitch in” and clean the office is energy deflating. Let’s face it, the janitor is typically the low man on the totem pole. By relegating your employees to tasks that they were not hired to do, you are sending a subtle message about their worth to you and the company.

In the long run, the cost of providing your own in-house cleaning services can be more expensive than hiring a commercial cleaning company. Be sure to way all the facts, then give us a call. We are happy to provide you with a proposal at no charge!