Quality Assurance

Even in today’s rapidly changing world, people still long to feel a connection. Since ImageOne is in the service industry, connecting with people is critical. We truly view our relationship as a partnership between our office staff, cleaning staff and you. By providing your facility with properly selected, trained and motivated cleaning staff it makes your life easier — and ours.

Because we are striving to build long-term relationships, many of our personnel are either referred to us or personally recruited. Our screening and interview process then helps us to make the best selection so that we create a win-win situation. Happy, motivated people are the key to our success.

Next, each member of our commercial janitorial staff receives comprehensive, professional, office cleaning training that includes classroom, written and hands-on instruction. This training also includes a review of our safety program (general safety, chemical safety, and hazardous communications).

Before we start cleaning your facility, our Operations Manager walks the building with the cleaning crew to be sure that all the details of your expectations are communicated. We also take a proactive approach to potential challenges by scheduling regular inspections. By providing our cleaning crews with regular feedback, we find that we can usually avoid the pitfalls which plaque so many janitorial service providers.

We can’t promise to never make a mistake — but we do promise to always make it right!

It would be nice if we could promise to always deliver perfect service. But, people make mistakes. The difference at ImageOne is that we don’t expect for you to suffer when we fall short of expectations. To make it right, we will send a crew out to correct the problem that same day. We want you to be delighted with our services. After all, it is through your referrals and recommendations that we continue to grow — truly, the highest compliment we can receive!